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Sexy art of your waifus ;)
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Princess Ember :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 427 46 Guess who's back boys? :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 555 69 Rarity Gown :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 735 58 Sunset Wet Shirt :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 730 83 Switch Dogo (Nintendo Switch) :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 172 32 Other Twilight Sweater :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 774 72 Are you under my spell yet? :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 925 74 Are you happy now?! :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 1,093 91 Twi and sweater thing :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 933 78 Rosalina Sexy :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 664 67 Rosalina MK8 :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 258 36 Young Cadence Uniform :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 586 82 Twi Daki Sample :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 711 112 Whyti - TOME (commission) :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 121 29 Sunset Shimmer (2017 first pic) :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 938 163 Twi Maid :iconcogbrony:COGBrony 743 147

Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? If so, how did you fix it? 

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Ok guys, I haven't been able to work as much as before and I am in need of about 100USD for this motive, I am going to be taking around 2 to 3 commissions, please do select something that is not really complex, I will only accept full color, 2 characters max! 


I decided to make this new journal since I have commissions and Patreon now, so might as well just have one journal for this. ;D 

This is the way commissions will work guys. 

1- I will open up slots for commissions this way I will have control over what I need to do and ensure the best quality for the work.

2- Send me a note with a subject COMMISSION, explain what you want in the note.
a)Explanation of how you want your character(s), if you have a reference image for the pose/poses that would be even better.
b)If, you want me to draw an OC please send a reference and color bases so I can work with those.

I do not draw all kinds of creatures, I draw what is listed on my commission listing. So this might include, other creatures like dragons, lizards, orcs, whatever else. This might change with time but as of now please stick to these options or don't ask, thank you.

3- Please explain the subject of the commission, pony/humanization/anthro. Be clear on what you want sketch, flat color, full color, pose, expression, outfit, etc. 

4- Yes I do allow nsfw stuff (restricted) I will not accept: gore, vore, birthing, tentacles, other stuff but I do not know every single thing there is so you might need to ask if it is not listed, ask me any other doubts by sending a note. I mostly do vanilla stuff for nsfw

5- I reserve the right to decline commissions. 

6- I will notify the selected people so we can proceed to payment, remember you can ask again later so no worries. n_n

7- I only accept PayPal. 

Thank you everyone, here's my commission listing. 
commission info by COGBrony

Also if you would like to support me on Patreon that would really help me out. n_n  I am not blocking my art to anyone I am just adding extras to those of you who would like to help me out, plus this would really give me much more time to continue drawing and making even more drawings. Anyways, hope some of you are interested, and if some of you aren't then maybe you could spread the word?

Patreon Cover by COGBrony

Here's the link:

Thank you everyone,

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Princess Ember
Someone told me I should try to draw her so here she is, I based this on Raccoonkun's human version of the charater. 

Support me on Patreon please, you will be helping me create even more art
-------> <-------
Guess who's back boys?
My OC Peachy Cream, in case you don't know her, yeah, I haven't drawn her in quite some time so she deserves to be drawn again. 

Support me on Patreon please, you will be helping me create even more art
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Rarity Gown
Simple drawing is simple, eh, I guess, happy week guys. n_n

Support me on Patreon please, you will be helping me create even more art
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Sunset Wet Shirt
And here we go, have a little Sunset with EG colors. 

Support me on Patreon please, you will be helping me create even more art
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Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? If so, how did you fix it?
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COGBrony's Profile Picture
First of all, let me thank you for visiting my page! :D

Well I like ponies, love to play videogames and enjoy a good movie. Also I like to draw, most of my drawings are cartoonish. The ones that I draw on paper I don't add color, if I do, then I do it on a computer. All of them are handmade. For those of you wondering where the COG came from, it's form the Gears of War game and it means Coallition of Ordered Governments.

I use:

- Paper and pencil
- Paint Tool SAI
- Adobe Photoshop CS5 (not much)
- Wacom Bamboo Tablet

If you leave a comment/message, don't worry if I don't answer it right away, I do read them and will try to answer.

I've been a brony since August 2012.

NSFW Tumblr (with :icondanmakuman:)


Lastly, any Fav. or Watch is highly appreciated. :)

The picture above was made by: :icontrace-101:

Happy Birthday, Peachy! (and also Fern!) by twilite-sparkleplz HB COGBrony by Riouku Peachy Cream by twilite-sparkleplz Peachy Cream Profile [Reward] by jcosneverexisted It's a Shiny Day! by DANMAKUMAN Feliz Cumpleanos COGBrony by Riouku Happy Birthay cogbrony by enyelita

Mature Content

Happy Birthday COGbrony!!! by aj0joe
Peachy (+SPEEDPAINT) by Sweet-Pillow Happy birthday COGBrony [gift] by Albinosumpreme10987 Peachy Cream [Gift] by MrMaclicious Peachy Cream by Riouku OC: TWO sexy Girls  by Albinosumpreme10987 Happy birthday cogbrony by Gameplayomg Logo de cogbrony by Gameplayomg


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